4 Ways you can Bring the Magic and Serenity of Nature into Your Home

Photo by Natahsha Priya

Do you live in a city and wish you can bring that feeling of connection, peace and serenity you experience at the park, the woods, the lake and the beach back with you?

While nothing can ever truly replace the calm and wholeness one can feel while communing in the great outdoors, you can at least capture some of the memories and thus energies to bring back with you for when getting out and in touch with the wild just isn’t possible.

Photo by Min An from Pexels
  1. You bring nature inside, literally. Yes, that’s right, you become a plant parent. The physical health benefits alone are worth the effort of keeping your new plant babies alive, let alone the mental and emotional solace greenery can bring to a space. Indoor plants can clean your air, cutify your abode and also help relax your screen strained eyes with their evergreen colours.

2. You bring MORE nature inside.  And now now, before you click away as you think I am about to suggest that you start raising a jungle of plant babies or raise a flock of chickens in your backyard, hear me out: You collect beautiful sand worn sticks, pretty leaves, shiny rocks, shells, and flowers. I have done this since I was a child ( I may or may not still have some pieces from my childhood collection) and not only does it help beautify my home it reminds me of my connection to the natural world and the serenity that its beauty brings me.

Photo by Erin Profaci from Pexels
Photo by Mareefe from Pexels

3. Use Essential Oils in your home. Essential oils are distilled from the goodness of the earth and also have a lot of beneficial health properties (RE: I am not an expert, but i have heard of some awesome benefits from friends and family who have used them regularly). But what I love using them for is to create an atmosphere in my home and relax. Nothing puts me to sleep better than some of my fav chill music, reading a good book while hunkered down in my cosy bed with some lavender essential oil in the diffuser.

4. Commission a painting of your favourite beach, forest, mountain, Coastline, garden or potted flower! This is excellent in so many ways. Not only are you getting an amazing piece of art from your favourite artist but it is also commemorating a place meaningful to you and memorable. Plus you can usually work with the artist to tailor the piece to your desired colour palette. For example, when you commission a custom painting from me we go oversize, the desired composition and whether there is a place in the outdoors you want to commemorate or a photo you want to work from. Then I go through a sample colour palette and initial “sketch” of the piece and what it will look like before beginning the actual piece. All along the way, I am consulting you and what you want so I can help make your vision a reality. If you are interested in learning more about my custom art process I have a whole blog post on it here. Or, if you want to start your custom piece now just shoot me an email! I would love to go over any questions you might have and bring your idea to life.

Photo by Melissa Critchlow Fine Art

Do you have a favourite way of bringing nature indoors? If so, I would love to hear it! Drop a comment below. 🙂

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