Hello Welcome!

    My name is Melissa and I am an Abstract-Impressionist painter hailing from the beautiful PNW of Canada.

     I am a mother of two, a wife, artist, educator and lover of nature. When I am not in my studio you will most likely find me out in the woods collecting tiny treasures of rocks, feathers, pine cones and leaves with my children in tow.

      My paintings are a way for me to connect with the greater beauty, spirit and peace that lies within nature and each of us.

      It is my greatest hope to be able to create a connection to that spirit, that sense of peace within and share it with you as we all deserve to feel connected and at peace.

    My family and I are very privileged to be living in beautiful Vancouver BC which is on unceded Squamish, Sto:lo and Tsleil-Waututh lands. Living here gives us incredible access to the West Coast of Canada and all of the rugged -Mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, ocean and beaches one could hope for.

    I grew up on Vancouver Island, where I was home schooled with my younger brothers. I was very creative as a child and loved exploring many mediums and styles. There were many, many times in my childhood that I would say were tumultuous to say the least. Where I found solace again and again was in the apple tree of my backyard, or the woods at the edge of our property where a creek ran through. I would play in these places for hours, or sometimes just to lay daydreaming and sketching in my sketchbook. Either way, those natural spaces always gave me the peace and serenity I was looking for and gave me the strength and energy to carry on.

    So not surprisingly, as an adult I still find myself still going out into nature to commune and feel at peace, to soothe my soul. Despite this continued connection, for many years I felt like something was missing. No matter where I went, what creative hobby I tried or career I followed I was left feeling unsatisfied, longing for something else, a form of creative expression.

    I went back to university for a degree in creative writing to see if I could find fulfillment in that. My degree had a requirement to take some non-literature focused arts courses. So I thought I would try a painting 101 class. I still remember the feeling of first walking into the artists studio, the smells of the acrylics and pastels, the layout of the easels and tables. It felt like coming home. That class ignited something in me, it gave me permission to paint and love it again.

    I finished my degree and had my children. I slowly set up a small art practice, sneaking in time to paint when they were napping or long after they had gone to bed for the night. While I was on maternity leave with my second child my art practice grew steadily and I realized I that joy and serenity I felt with painting and painting landscapes and nature was something I needed so desperately that I wanted to pursue it full time.

     And that brings us to the here and now. I hope to see you along this journey. So if you would like, stay awhile and come find the serenity with me.

    And please, don’t be shy, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or just want to say hi! You can email me at [email protected] or pop into my contact us page and fill out my form.

Speak soon and all the best,

What my collectors have to say:

This is how Megan S. felt about the custom painting she hired me to create for her home: “I’m so so in love with the original painting I had commissioned from Melissa. After discovering her work on Etsy after months of trying to find art for our new place – I am very grateful to have a piece that we love to bring good energy into our home. Thank you for inspiring us!”

“The quality of this painting is outstanding! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the envelope as it looked even better than in the online photos. The packaging was done extremely well and therefore a safe arrival of the painting was guaranteed. The personal thank you note was very kind 🙂 I would definitely buy from Melissa again; you get a high quality painting for a good price.”   – Ivar S.

“I just received and loved it so much that I am ordering a second print to accompany it! Timely Shipping and high quality. Thank you so much for the beautiful addition to our home.”   – Sarah Drohan

“Melissa’s paintings are even more beautiful in real life – I’m absolutely delighted with my order! Thank you!” And Gemma H also said about a print she later bought: “A beautiful lovely print as always arrived really quickly and in perfect condition – alongside a lovely note 🙂 Thank you so much your work is stunning!” –Gemma H.

It is a beautiful addition to our gallery wall. I catch myself starring at it all the time. I am very happy with the purchase and the service I received. I would not hesitate ordering another piece from Melissa. Thank you!”  –  Brianne Foster

“I am in love with this painting. It looks exactly like the reference picture I saw on line. I wanted to buy all the works of art that I saw on Melissa’s page, but I settled for one… for now. I definitely see myself purchasing more works of art in the future!”  – Katie

“Thank you for this beautiful painting, I got it for my husband for our Copper and Wool 7th anniversary! He loved it and we will find a nice spot for it in our home! Very pleasant transaction overall!”  –Laurie Bedard