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Inspired by a Wintry PNW Sunset, I have created new pieces commemorating two infamous mountain ranges from my area: "The Lion's" and "Grouse Mountain". Locals to Vancouver BC are vary family with these mountains and like me I am sure many of them find their familiar peaks both beautiful and comforting.

I have been wanting to commemorate them in my own way for years and hadn't hit on the exact way to paint them until one fateful sunset evening. The fading sun was so gracefully dressing their forms that I had to pull over immediately and race across the street (to the astonishment of my family, even though they should be used to it by now...) to photograph them as I knew I just had to put them on canvas.
I hope you find as much joy in them as I do!

"Sunset on the Lions" has found it's forever home, but Grouse Mountain still needs a happy home.


My Commission books are now open! If you are apart of my insider's club you were the first in line for a space (lucky you!). However, there are still some spots available, so if you are interested in a custom piece I would love to hear from you!

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