Payment Plan

Hello there, have you fallen in love with a painting or print? Yay! 

I am happy to be able to offer you payment plan if you need it! 

I believe everyone should have art that they love and sometimes you just need a little time to make it yours and that shouldn’t be a barrier.

So, If there is a painting or print you like and want to be able to pay in instalments all you have to do is message me below to initiate the option and then we can discuss a flexible plan that fits your budget.

There will be a couple of choices to make like how many months you will want to pay over (most people choose the 3 month term plan). Once completed and the first payment is made I will keep the print or painting on hold for you until the remaining payments are completed. Then it will be lovingly packaged and shipped with care to it’s new forever home, yours!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. You can email me here or fill out the form below.