Mist in the Mountains – September Release

The September Release of the Mist in the Mountains Series

Hello everyone! Here it is, the latest instalment in my Mist in the Mountain Series. With Autumn in mind I included many more of the Copper Mountains to this month’s release.

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These new Copper Hills come from a desire to play with color. To mix and meld two different colors and to know the new possibilities within them. I loved playing with the different depths of blue and orange hues and what could be created when combined. So much joy is found in the journey for me. In the path of exploration.
It was a similar exploration with these Misty Mountains. I wanted to explore more of how to create that atmospheric effect rain hitting the mountains creates and the plumes of cloud and mist that bound from one mountain’s ledge to another.

Glen Coe Pass, The Highlands of Scotland

This piece here is my painterly rendition of the Pass of Glen Coe in Scotland. I visited there many years back when I lived in Scotland for a short while. Such a beautiful country with such incredible ancient rolling hillsides. Keep and eye out for more renditions of those mountains in the near future.

Misty Mountain XI

This Piece was a delight to create. I wanted to recreate the feeling I had growing up living near one of the mountain ranges of our valley. I would watch the weather change so close to the mountain range. it was so humbling to see the clouds and rain roll in like a soft blanket as you stand so small next to the mountains.




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