Moody Lake Painting – Misty Rice Lake


This Misty Lake painting is inspired by the moody mists that settle on Rice Lake in North Vancouver, BC. I have always been drawn to the mist that shrouds our coastal landscapes. The exact reason why eludes me but there is something soothing in the way that the low laying cloud drapes itself down the mountainside. But there is also something thrilling, like there are secrets being held within.

For either reason, I am drawn back to these misty landscapes again and again. In this series, I explore moody palettes as well as brighter ones as you can find mist here on a sunny day or on the edge of a storm. From the shores of Wickaninnish Beach to Whistler, come with me as I explore our “Coastal Shroud” with this misty lake painting.

Size and Mounting:

  • This piece is 5″x 7″ inches
  • acrylic on fine art paper
  • signed and dated by artist

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