Fall Collection

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be able to now share with you my series of autumn paintings. I was so inspired by the changing colours all around me I had to do something. Everyday, as I would go for walks with the kids they would collect leaves and I would collect photos of all the gorgeous colour combinations happening around me. The deep yellows and oranges, reds and purples all with the vibrant greens and teals happening behind them. My kids began to wonder why I was collecting so many seemingly random photos of tree leaves and shrubs, but it was all with a purpose in mind. And now that they are complete I can share them with all of you!

In addition to the need to splash vibrant colours on canvas I have an affinity for all things sparkly and shiny. And the moon, I loooove the crescent shape of the moon. So I decided to combine my affection for these charms into my images which gave them a whimsical feel with a hint of magic.

Although I don’t quite think I am done with the colours of a West Coast Autumn yet, I am making plans for a winters series already.  Thanks for reading and I hope you check out the rest of the collection in the shop.

Happy days!


Melissa Critchlow

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