Summer Landscape Painting “Where the Heart is Free III”


This Summer landscape painting was inspired by the local landscapes of my beloved Pacific Northwest.

At the heart of my work is to explore those feelings of peace and the divine I feel when in nature and creating art.

There has been so much uncertainty, so much stress in the last couple of years. I hasn’t been easy for anyone. As a way to cope, I have found myself slowing down and enjoying the little things as much as possible. Especially in the summer. I am taking time to enjoy the little freedoms we have:

Swimming in the lake with the kids; going for walks in the woods; making popsicles; dipping toes into the pool in the backyard on a hot day.

I extended these moments of joy into the studio where I would light a candle and meditate, just to focus my mind. Then calmly, peacefully paint with no expectations of outcome. Just letting my heart wander freely.  Honestly, it became balm for my soul.

So with this original, summer landscape painting, It is my highest hope that you can bring some of that balm into your home.

You deserve to have something that soothes your soul too!

Size and Mounting:

  • This piece is 7″x14″ inches
  • acrylic on stretched canvas
  • comes ready to hang with a backing
  • signed and dated by artist

Is this piece a commemorative gift?

Then let me know a special message you would like me to write on the back of this piece below.

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