Christmas Tree Ornament – Copper Hills


This Abstract Landscape Christmas Tree Ornament was inspired by my series “Copper Hills” where sun kissed hilltops roll blue into one another.

At the heart of my work is to explore those feelings of peace and the divine I feel when in nature and creating art.  My “Copper Hills” series explores those feelings in depth in an abstract way. None of the pieces by themselves represent a particular mountain, but rather the feeling of the landscapes around me.  When I paint I love using that layered, marbled effect in my pieces as they convey that sense of flow, joy and serenity that the PNW gives me.

So with this original, Abstract Landscape Ornament, It is my highest hope that you can bring some of that beauty and peace into your home.

  • Acrylic Paint and Gold leaf on a 3 inch round wooden disc.
  • Comes Ready to hang
  • Varnished for protection. Will last for years to come!


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